Monday, 25 July 2011


After 3 years of studying at the University for the Creative Arts, the big day has finally come and gone.

Here are some photos to document the occasion:

This is me in my rather fetching cape accepting my certificate.

UCA 2011. I'm at the top in the middle...

Some family photos outside the church.

In order of appearance: my parents Corinne and Dave, my girlfriend Holly, and my Grandma Joyce.

At the ceremony Matthew Osborne (above) and I found out that we were among a select few who achieved a First Class award for our subjects, so celebrated accordingly by throwing our hats at the sun.

After the ceremony there was a barbeque and mass gathering, but by this point I had removed the hat and cape, so there are no pictures of this...

All in all it was actually a very fun day.

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