Saturday, 26 May 2012

Gladiators, ready!

A very quick post now as it's 11:30 at night and I have work tomorrow...

I have just finished one of many mini-projects, an image for a Gladiator game by Mik Hollands, here's the pencil image:

And here's the finished piece!

Now I'm off to have nightmares about shading lions!


More posts coming soon on my other on-going conquests...


  1. This is really spectacular (no pun intended). Terrific sketch and I love the browns and detail you used for the crowd and stands. Really great! Is the color digital or something else?

  2. Thanks! It's drawn entirely with pencil and then I edit and colour it on Photoshop; I had a few questions from people about that when I did it, a couple of people thought it was watercolour! I did the dinosaur ones in exactly the same way, and more recently Bison! The only difference was that Bison was done in pen rather than pencil! :D