Tuesday, 17 July 2012


This week on Illustration Friday the theme is "Lost"...

Last week I decided that if I did another Illustration Friday image then I would try to do it with Bison in some way, so here's what I came up with;

As Bison is the only Magical Bison in his herd, this is him lost among his family of regular bison. This image is in Doom, [Bison's home] which roughly resembles parts of America! Some keen readers of my Blog may also recognise the rock formation in the background...

My second image is Bison on the island from the popular [yet horiffically dissapointing] TV series LOST! I used to be an avid viewer of LOST, so I just had to do this image...
 as you can only do one Illustration Friday image per week though this is an added bonus image for anyone who has decided to follow Bison back to my Blog!

Merry Friday!


  1. What makes him magical Albie?

  2. Haha, Magical Bison of Doom returns! The second one is too funny! And terribly adorable. I'm not sure if that "Doom" thing is working. ;D

  3. Well, for a start he's about three times the size of a normal bison and can shoot lasers out of his eyes... he also has a few other attributes that hopefully I can unveil over the following Fridays!

    And thanks! Doom is just the name of the place that Bison lives, it's not to do with his personality or anything... :P