Saturday, 25 August 2012


Hello there Blog... viewers...
I haven't been doing masses in terms of illustration the past few weeks... other than dinosaur doodles in my work notebook, which I may post at some point...
But for the time being, I am doing a paper model demo in Hobbycraft in Maidstone tomorrow, so for the occasion I have modified my Gevaudan characters so that they can be doodled on and put together by humans with average sized hands, rather than spiders using dentists tools!
And so, may I present:
I will have Gevaudan with me (as long as the weather is good) and I'll be making some of these guys and having the public join in!
These edited models are actually taller than most of the buildings in Gevaudan, so that might make some amusing images... "Hulk smash" comes to mind...
If you're in Maidstone feel free to join in, if not then feel free to print out a MAKE-a-ME sheet and try it out for yourself!
If you're really bored post your masterpiece in a comment under this post!
Notes on how to build:
The top of the female legs are the hips, which bend inwards.

All white bits are flaps.
The arms just glue on about the height of the shoulders.
Cut down along the longest rectangle to the tip of the triange flap, (face/ head) NOT the diagonal lines.
If these tips are useless please feel free to tell me and I'll think about actually marking it all up (stick "a" to "a" etc.) and adding instructions!
I'll keep you posted on how it turns out!

MAKE-a-ME instructions...:

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