Friday, 15 March 2013

Eye Glasses. (Illustration Friday)

Hello again!
Long time no see!
I was taking a stroll through the interwebs and noticed that the new theme on Illustration Friday was "Eye Glasses", this was terrific because I have been meaning to edit an old comic that I did called "Ordinary".
The opening to the comic was me waking up and putting my glasses on...
Ordinary was the first comic I ever worked on, so it had alot of rough edges, it was laid out terribly etc., which is the main reason that I have never posted the full book here.
That and it's about 30 - 40 pages long.
I always had a casual plan to fix it some day, take all my images and the core story and re-structure it into a better looking book, so that's what I have done here.
Ordinary, Page One.
Merry Friday everyone!

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