Monday, 31 December 2012

Two months later...

It has been around two months since my last Blog entry, so, what have I been doing you ask?
Well, I shall begin with a Birthday;
At school I had the honour of befriending a chap named Craig whom I made a fake radio station with called "Chipmunk FM".
As he lost his recordings of CMFM I thought a nice present might be a Definitive Edition of the show, and here it is:



Next up, a Wedding;
As you may remember I made a post here a while back saying that I was making a cake topper for my sister's wedding... if you don't remember, shame on you.
If you do remember, here, have a reward in the form of some images of my process:
I would like to point out that this isn't all of it, I did start out with a paper one, then moved on to coloured FIMO clay which I did'nt get on with all too well, and then moved on to my trusty old friend Grey Sculpey... and so, here is some behind the scenes bits...
These are some initail armatures that I made for the coloured FIMO, this is before I had decided to work with Grey Sculpey, and even though I didn't use these they helped me to work out the basic shapes for the figures.
This is a very early model made from Sculpey Grey, strong enough to not really need an armature.
Various stages of modelling, and then the happy couple in the oven...
All that was left now was to paint them, and for this I used a basic acrylic...
This is after applying some basic skin tones and the first layer of white... a few hours later and...
And just so that you can judge the likenesses, here are some photos taken at the wedding:
And did I mention I was also official photographer at the wedding?
Obviously not in that bottom image though as I am clearly in that one...
And last but not least, a Courtesan;
If you follow my Blog regularly you will no doubt have seen my Fiora Cavazza model, and read about my plan to make an action figure of her in the future...
Well, you will be glad to know that I have been working on it some more!
Sadly I had to stop a while back because I accidentally chiselled my hand instead of the model, and then the above happened, so this project was halted somewhat...
Here is what I have so far:
There's still a long way to go, but it's an okay start...
The vast majority is carved out of the existing figure (a Battlestar Galactica figure) with faux leather sewed on.
Acrylic seems to work nicely on the leather without compromising it's movement, so I hope to just paint it once she's all carved.
I also took some photos of existing Assassin's Creed figures for a chap on eBay who gave me a rather good deal on the base you see Fiora on there.
When she is finished she can stand alongside these fellows...
I also plan to make some tiny swords for these at some point.
I have too many plans.
So, for now I shall bid you adeiu and I'll update here when I do something noteworthy!
I am not posting a list of links this time as the collossal amount of links will be longer than this post, which frankly is amazing considering how apocalyptically long this post has been.
Speaking of which, congratulations surviving the apocalypse!
Oh, and Merry Christmas...
And in 50 minutes, Happy New Year!
Toodle-pip for now!

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